So...who's comin' with me to a noonish showing of Serenity on Friday?


For those who care, the earliest show is at 1:10 at AMC.


ComicFanatic said...

Dude! I'm not sure if I CAN make it, but I'll be there in a flash if it all works out for me at work. I hear she is PERFECT for X-23 if they make that into a movie.

1031 said...

She who? The younger girl who plays River?

Personally, I'd rather see the woman who plays Inara as Wonder Woman in Whedon's film.

Michele's Mumblings said...

I'll be there in spirit but won't see it ti;; Sunday.

Boston Jen said...

I'm going to the night showing since I have class during the day... We're making a theme night of it-- going out for Chinese beforehand. (Just in case you didn't know, Dave and I finished season 7 of stargate and while we are waiting for 8 to come out on DVD decided to become obsessed with Firefly!)

Ithiel said...

Hi Boston Jen, did you know your initials are BJ? But I digress...I too would love to see serenity @ 110 with you 1031, but alas my 8-5 monday through friday job would likely frown upon me if I took a 2+ hour lunch

1031 said...

I don't think a job, of all things, is reason enough not to see this movie Friday afternoon at 1:10. You know how many jobs there are out there?

Okay, not many, but that's totally besides the point.

I mean, it's Friday. Who works on Friday anymore? Go-getters? Suck-ups? Do you really want to be associated with such people?