Shut Up and Die Already

From the television in the next room, I can hear our jackass of a president giving a speech about 9/11 and terrorism and Iraq and blah, blah, blah.

Feel safer yet?

Every time I hear that weasel's voice, I just want to punch him in his smug, clueless, "What, Me Worry?" face.

No one has ever unlocked such venomous hatred in me as that man has. He has systematically, and ambivalently, destroyed my country, both figuratively and literally (remember New Orleans? I hope so, because it doesn't exist anymore), and he has to be stopped.

What else must he fuck up before he gets impeached? Bill Clinton received (and lied about) a blowjob from an intern. (If it had been a lobbyist, it probably would have been okay. I mean, c'mon, everybody's doin' it. Just ask Tom DeLay.) George W. Bush INVADED another country based on evidence he KNEW was fabricated, which is kind of like lying, isn't it?

The 2006 elections are fourteen months away. The Democrats must hammer home how vile, inept, and corrupt this administration has been. No more pussyfooting around. This president and his cronies have given us more than enough rope with which to hang them, and we must oblige.

For the good of the United States of America, for the future of this land that I love, George W. Bush must go.


Amandarama said...

We have a drinking game we play whenever we watch GWB give a television address: drink everytime he invokes God, chug if he finds a way to sneak the War on Terror into the speech apropos of nothing. I find the ensuing blackout usually keeps me from hurling things at the tv.

Jaded said...

Fourteen months and W. will be gone. Then, the rumor is that his brother Jeb will run for vice-president. Will we ever truely be rid of the Bushes? Only if we can convince everyone who agrees that the Bushes need to go to vote.