Where's My Car?

I had forgotten how lousy the parking situation usually is in college. Any college. There's something wrong, I think, with mindlessly cruising up and down full lots waiting for that first car to back out, leading to a race, as students all rush to fill that tiny, empty void.

This is college. People are there because they want to be there, unlike high school, where you must attend. You would think they might appreciate that fact, and make it easier for their students to get to class on time. They could, oh, I don't know, expand the parking lots, build multi-level garages, whatever.

I'd say it's a good bet that over three-fourths of the students are on campus at any given time between the hours of, say, seven in the morning and six in the afternoon. I just think they all should have a place to park their cars. It would be one less thing to worry about.

Then, of course, after hours of ass-numbing lectures (which is not to say the classes are boring, necessarily, just that, you know, you're sitting in class for long stretches at a time), you have to remember where it was that you parked said car. This, in and of itself, should be worth a credit hour or two.

Walking out of the building, confronted by a seemingly endless metal sea, glinting in the afternoon sun, it's enough to make one weep. It'd be easier to simply sit on the curb and wait for everyone else to find their cars and leave, watching the multicultural parade drive by. Honda, Toyota, Dodge, BMW, Ford, Audi, etc.


Classes are going well so far.

My World Civ teacher must be pretty new at all this, I think. He speeds through his typed notes, expecting us to keep up, stopping every once in a while to say, "but you don't have to know that."

I think I did well on the first map quiz last night, though it was pretty easy. Ten places on a map of the ancient Middle East. Would've been difficult not to get it all correct.

We've begun discussing Sparta and Greece, and I wonder if the teacher knows the story of the 300. I'm sure he does. He seems like a pretty bright guy. He should mention it in class. It's a great tale.

Geography class is a hoot. The teacher is a guy I had a few years back, for at atmospheric science class in which I got a D, if I remember correctly, through no fault of the teacher, mind you. I earned that grade all by myself.

I might actually pay attention this time around.

Algebra is the one class I'm sort of concerned about. Like last quarter, the teacher is from India, which makes her a little difficult to understand. Much more so than my previous algebra teacher. And this one doesn't explain things as well, either, which doesn't help. We'll see how it goes.


Ithiel said...

Yay for Sparta! the 300 is actually a well known story amungst the classic nerd*. I love classes like that. Have fun.

ComicFanatic said...

I can't pretend to know the horrors of the "university" as I have never been able to attend myself.

As bad as it gets just keep in mind that there are thousands of guys just like me who would kill you without hesitation for the chance to attend.