You can't take the sky from me

To Joss Whedon and the crew of Serenity,

Thank You.


Ithiel said...

are you a browncoat 1031?

ifxtcajt - Ancient syrian oath, not translatable.

1031 said...

Um...I really, really, really love Firefly, and I loved the movie, but I don't necessarily go around dressing like the characters or quoting lines or anything...so what does that make me?

luxioild - light that comes from oil

Pierce said...

Mrs P and I saw it yesterday. Damn. I don't know if we'd qualify as browncoats, but I've officially jumped don the Whedon bandwagon.

1031 said...

Had either of you two seen Firefly before you saw the movie? Or did you go into it cold?

blinv - "blind" written with a "v" instead of a "d"

Pierce said...

Yeah, I've seen the series. I missed it when it first came on TV, but a friend got the DVD set a few months ago and had been bugging me to watch it. I wasn't hard to convince, but I wasn't expecting to love it as much as I do. I'd be interested to find someone who's not seen the series first and hear what their impressions were of the movie. So much of the appeal for me is that I'd grown to really connect with all of the characters - it made the movie much more powerful, an event rather than a story.

wvszj - a small town in romania which held out against the Nazis for the bulk of WWII. It didn't fall until November, 1944.

1031 said...

Yeah, I've been wondering that, too, how clear and enjoyable the movie might be for someone who hadn't seen the series at all.

I was pretty surprised by how much I came to care about the characters, too. I nearly had tears in my eyes at the end of the movie. I was in shock, I think.

You think a $10 million opening weekend will be enough for a studio to consider bringing the show back to television? I sure hope so.

hhjzqhjs - I got nothin'...

Pierce said...

It depends on what it does this weekend, I think. If it can hold up and make another 7-10M, it'll be well on the way to breaking even in the domestic market. I'm not sure what the overseas market is like for Firefly/Serenity, but IIRC sci-fi usually does well internationally. Even if it ends up losing a couple million, DVD sales should easily push it into profitability. It should boil down to whether Whedon feels like he's still got stories to tell.

vvbmi - (archaic) the main rotor in a motorcycle engine. Pronounced viv'-bimmee

1031 said...

From all the interviews I've read and watched, it certainly does seem like Whedon loves these characters as much as the fans do (his treatment of them in the movie notwithstanding), and he's got more stories to tell, whether it's as movies, comics, or back on television.

I'd rather have it back on TV. The question becomes, can Whedon (and would he even want to) do both a feature film (Wonder Woman, due in 2007) and a television series at the same time?

nreqwwff - dead body fart, pronounced "neqwiff". The "r" is silent.