Cheap tunes

I have a couple stacks of CDs (about yea high) I'm looking to get rid of. Buck each, or free, whatever. Just don't want 'em anymore. I suppose I might want to list which CDs I'm talkin' about, but they're all the way over there, and I'm not lookin' to get up right now. Lemme know if you're interested and I'll tell ya what I got.


Boston Jen said...

You should type up a list. And e-mail it to me-- only :) Or if you're too lazy you could just call! I know you would have CDs I would enjoy.

dlmhua: similar to kalua, but orange colored and made by the dali lama.

1031 said...

And the lovely lady from Boston gets first dibs, but I can't guarantee that whole having CDs you'd enjoy thing.

Ithiel said...

what ya got on the list, eh?