Happy Jew Year!

At least, you know, when the sun goes down.


Argokirby said...

L'Shana Tovah. What is it now 5767, how the years pass. I will have apples and honey on your behalf.

Any chance you went to temple? I did not. I nearly forgot it was Rosh Hashanah, actualy I did till my mother called.

omaadhlb: In hebrew, a blessing for the city of Omaha.

rainbowponi said...

happy new year to you too.
argo: i dint know we had apples. does that mean your bring some home or will you be pretending the kahlua is essnece of apple?

beucoe- the sailor scout that never caught on. she was killed early on in the series.

1031 said...

No synagogue for me. I had class tonight. Tomorrow night, too.

Y'know, it's funny. I was thinking about this earlier this afternoon. When I was younger, elementary and middle school, I loved the High Holidays because I got out of school. But what I always forgot in my excitement was how boring services at the synagogue actually were. And now that I'm older, and I actually *GASP* care about school, going to services is not really an option for me this week or next.

I figure I'll just have to repent on my own time this year.

kfuui - nickname given to the Great Pyramid of Khufu by Egyptian teenagers, who would sneak off late at night for some "kfuui" at the base of the immense structure.

Ithiel said...

Happy Jew Year to the you two (argo, and 1031). I think that quiet introspection can be just as easilly obtained at night before one goes to bed as within a massive structure surrounded by many many other people.

School is important, just don't forget to do your introspecting :)

xymgdfb - (xenophobic youth managers gallantly defacing famous buildings) A shortlived group of summer camp councilors who had 'taken enough' and 'weren't going to take it any more' from the 'whiney little brats' they were put in charge of.

1031 said...

To what massive structure surrounded by many, many other people are you referring? You're talking about prison, aren't you? Your use of the word "introspection" is nothing but a euphamism for jail sex, isn't it? Isn't it?


gsxhhdsp - I got nothin'...

Ithiel said...

you got me. It was a (thinly)veiled refference to prison butt sex. Well, either that or hanging out in temple w/ a bunch of other people

cpkyyomu - leet or 1337 speak for god only knows what. Who can decipher what they write anyways?