Nice knowin' y'all

I think I'm dying. This must be what that damned bird flu feels like. To quote Master Yoda, "Like shit, I feel."

I dunno what the hell happened between typing up that post about the party and my getting upstairs, but it wasn't good. I was up most of the night (the dog's incessant whining certainly didn't help with that), tossing and turning. I eventually made myself throw up at around four, four-thirty, and I felt a little better after that, but still couldn't sleep for shit.

I just ache. Everywhere. I can't imagine how bad I'd feel if I'd have had more than just the two beers last night. I took some Tylenol this morning, which helped a little, too, if by "help" you picture one shaking and sweating through one's clothes.

We were supposed to do my birthday dinner tonight, but we've postponed til next week. I don't really feel like eating, anyway, and I don't want the kids around me right now.

Supposed to have cake tonight, too. I told my father, over the summer, maybe when the new movie was in theatres, I said I wanted a "Batman" cake. Haven't had a theme cake like that since I was probably in middle school. I was lookin' forward to seeing that. I'll have to get a picture. I hope it's the Bat-symbol from the new movie.

And that's all I know. Kind of a boring day for football. Michael J. Fox is the guest tonight on Inside the Actor's Studio, so that should be good. I think I'm gonna go lie down now.

Pray for me.

Fuckin' bird flu...


Jaded said...

Poor guy, it does sound like you might have the flu. I recomend Power-aid, sleep, and vitamine C. Hope you feel better soon.

Angelkris said...

Wow- I thought that Ruffie I slipped you would have worn off by now. Sorry bout that.

ComicFanatic said...

Yeah don't die! I finished the books you lent to me. They are...interesting. I would like to finish them, but I might start killing people by the time the series is over. Talk about messed up. To also quote Master Yoda, "Fucked up that manga is!"

1031 said...

That was your roofie? Man, why couldn't it have been one of the single chicks? (Were there any single chicks?)

And yeah, Royale is definitely...different. I'll hook you up with the others whenever you want 'em. Like I said, I just have through number six, and there's, like, nine or ten.

I feel a bit better tonight than I did this morning. Tired as fuck, though. Early night tonight, that's for sure.

yksejew - no idea, but it has "jew" in it, so that's cool