Postseason Blues

You know how not to win in the playoffs? You play with a lousy bullpen and you don't hit for shit.

Example: see St. Louis Cardinals.

When your most feared hitter is Reggie Sanders (and absolutely no offense to Reggie; he was incredible those first four postseason games), not the forty-plus homer, more-than-one-hundred-RBI-in-each-of-his-first-five-seasons stud (Albert Pujols), then you have what is called "hitting woes."

When your best lefty out of the bullpen gets injured immediately before the playoffs start, which throws your entire bullpen out of whack, this is called "pitching woes."

This is a St. Louis team that beat Houston eleven out of sixteen times during the regular season. There are no excuses named Pettitte, Oswalt, or Clemens (though maybe one named Lidge). This team has owned Houston over the past few seasons. To play like this, to choke it away...well, it's no way to excise last October's demons, is it?

Game 4 at three on Fox. Jeff Suppan against Brandon Backe. If St. Louis can't win this game, then I guess, this season, it just isn't in the cards.

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