Fictional geography time

Okay, this has been bugging me ever since they first visited Metropolis in Smallville. I just watched Thursday night's episode (yay for BitTorrent) and they sort of confirmed that their Metropolis is in Kansas.


I'll admit to not being an expert in the locations of DC's major fictional cities. I think that Central City (where the Flash hangs out) is supposed to be in the midwest, say, around Illinois, and that Gotham is, of course, New York-ish. Metropolis has always been, in my mind, anyway, in the northeast, too. Gotham's shining, opposite number, the bright, noble reflection of Gotham's sin and squalor, and sort of modeled after Toronto (if Toronto was in the United States).

So, just, you know...Metropolis, Kansas? Not sure if I can swallow that one.

(I know, I know. Fiction. TV show. Comic book. Shut up.)


The closest DC ever came to officially locating it on the map was a reference to it being "located near New York City and Gotham City on the East Coast of the United States."

Yes, I'm a big fuckin' geek. I know, all right?


Jaded said...

Hey I totally agree with you. I don't watch Smallville because I don't know a lot about Superman's early years and don't like the thought of him and Lex getting along ever. My little brother says it's cannon though. What do I know? But I always thought Metropolis was on the East Coast.

Ithiel said...

I was wondering the same thing. I had always assumed Metropolis was new york in DC-ville. or at least some massive east coast city. Then I start watching smallville and they put Clark's town in Kansas??? Kinda stupid if you ask me.

I mean, if the simpsons can hide the location of springfield for what 12 years? Why can't Smallville leave the exact location of the town a little nebulous?

Boo for the Smallville writers.

/end geek rant

1031 said...

Well, Smallville has always been in Kansas. The good, ol' Midwest, so Superman can get the values and morals of simple, basic folk, the Kents, and the he'd apply what they taught him to the larger world.

Metropolis, though, is the problem. Metropolis has always been assumed to be a big, East Coast, metropolitan city, but now, in Smallville, we're being told it's in Kansas, and that just makes no sense.

Ithiel said...

Yeah, but people consider Illinois to be part of the midwest too.

1031 said...

Which has what, exactly, to do with Smallville being in Kansas and Metropolis supposed to be being on the East Coast?

ComicFanatic said...

You guys are the same people who wondered what happened to all the independent contractors building the Death Star when it blew up.

1031 said...

I wanna be Randal! That Dante is such a fuckin' whiner.

Ithiel said...

Too bad dante,

The illanois bit has to do with my argument that the producers should've kept the location of smallville nebulous. it's in the 'midwest' eh? Well that's NE, IA, OK, IL, IN, and some people think it's OH too.

Point is, (like you said) Why the heck would there be some massive city on the scale of NYC in the middle of frickin kansas

And yes, a contractor's personal politics plays a very important role when they're selecting potential clients.

1031 said...

No, see, Smallville is in Kansas. You can't change that. That's part of that whole Mythology of Superman. So that's not where they screwed up. The problem is their placing of Metropolis in Kansas. That's where they messed up.