It was a decent enough movie. Too much singing. If I had know there would be all that singing, I dunno if I would've gone. I mean, I can't understand why these people couldn't have simple conversations with each other, instead of breaking into song every two minutes. What's up with that?

And there was this one crazy chick sitting next to me, she was singing along with the movie practically the whole way through. Some people, y'know, they just have no consideration for their fellow theatre patrons.


Anonymous said...

People who do that make me so angry! When I'm in town, I can no longer go to the Dundee midnight show because there's always some little bastard belting out all of the lines to 'The Princess Bride', and I want to hit him so very badly!

-The God of Hellfire

Scott said...

Well, it was a Tony Award winning musical so you had to expect some singing!

AliKat said...

Tee hee I told him to put that, I was more mouthing the words to the songs and then saying all the lines that were originally sung in the musical, but 1031 and I always talk throughout movies; it's our thing. I'll wait until its out on dvd before I belt out the songs with the movie. I did sing through the credits though, no harm there. I loved Rent, cried almost as hard as when I first saw the show in London. I am ready to go again and again and again. I am a geek, I know.