Thankfully Over

Another Thanksgiving weekend is slowly coming to a close. Out-of-town family and friends have either gone to the airport or packed up their cars or trucks, to join the outflow on the highways and interstates.

As always, it's nice to have the entire family together. The kids all got along with very little fuss and yelling between them. The loudest seemed to be little Logan, who entertained all with his favorite game, "Will This Fly?" When he got revved up, you had to stay sharp to stay out of the way of flying food or Legos, deadly projectiles in the hands of an eighteen-month-old.

My friends, Ryan and Jami, will be heading home to Minneapolis shortly. Always good to see them, but there never seems to be enough time to really catch up, which, of late, has become the rule rather than the exception.

They brought with them pictures from the wedding, which I vaguely remember attending, and from their honeymoon in Japan. Also, Ryan had pictures of their new house on his laptop. It appears to be nice and roomy, a good first home for a young couple.

It was good to see Alissa again, too. After all the hand-wringing and apologizing that occurred on our blogs prior to her coming to town, we quickly fell back into our old friendship, apparently none the worse for wear.

All we did this weekend, it feels like, was eat. I think I'd be okay with not eating again until class starts up again on Tuesday. Haven't gotten near enough sleep either, not what I've been used to getting lately, at any rate. I should be able to return to my normal schedule tonight or tomorrow.

Map quiz Tuesday night in my UNO World Civ class, then a week off, then the final exam the week after that. New Metro classes begin on Wednesday. Philosophy and another science class, this one dealing with Weather & Climate. I took this class a few years back, but stopped attending somewhere towards the end of the quarter. Got a D. Perhaps I'll do better now that I actually care how I do.

Not much else on the plate for the coming week. Need to get my new license plates tomorrow, and hopefully stop by the chiropractor and the gym. Been a while since I've done either of those. And then next weekend I'm planning on heading up to Minneapolis. Figure this'll be the only chance I'll get to see Ryan and Jami's apartment before they move into the house in December/January.

And coincidentally enough, Neil Gaiman is doing a reading/signing at Dreamhaven Books on Saturday. I haven't seen Neil since last year at the San Diego comic convention, and I have new things I'd like him to sign.

Anyway, football starts soon (though the Steelers don't play until Monday night), so I'm gonna take off. I just want a day of peace and quiet with no children running around. For that, I would be extremely thankful. Is that really too much to ask?


Boston Jen said...

sounds like a decent weekend. Glad you and Alissa had a good time. I feel like mie has just been spent bumming around... I can't wait to come back to Omaha!

AliKat said...

It was sooo good to see you, we fell quite comfortably back to our old friendship, it was wonderful. Sorry for keep you up so late, just didn't want the nights to end. And I want to thank Jen, it seems she may have put this into motion a bit.