Got Nothin'

This has really been a pretty boring week. I had class on Monday, and that's it until the day after New Year's. I've been reading, catching up on my Stargate SG-1 viewing (almost done with season 1), and that's pretty much it. The roads are clogged with holiday shoppers, so who would even want to leave the house only to fight through all that traffic. It's just not worth it.

It never ceases to boggle the mind how people let themselves get so crazy this time of year. For Jews, Hanukkah isn't anywhere close to being a major holiday, and for gentiles, I mean, here. The month of December has just become an excuse to purchase overpriced stuff for people who don't need any more overpriced stuff. The holidays have lost all of their original meaning. December is corporate America's biggest wet dream.

There are people who will say that this isn't true, that it's a time for families to get together, which is fine. Family is important, after all, and it's not like you didn't just see everybody a month ago for Thanksgiving. But why can't everyone get together without maxing out their credit cards?

Anyway. Merry Chrismukkah or Hannimastice, or whatever it is you celebrate.


Boston Jen said...

I have to say, because of said corporate America, even Hanukkah in my house has become an excessive time of decor and presents (and yet still retains some famliy togetherness). As for the SG-1... I only hope you don't become as addicted as Robert-- I think it's been painful for him ever since he ran out of episodes!

Lizzy said...

Just stopping to wish you a merry and festive holiday.

Light a candle for freedom,
light a candle for peace,
light a candle for learning,
light a candle for honest democracy
light a candle for those who have not food or home
light a candle for the bruised beauty and waining bounty of our over used planet
light a candle for those hunted and harried for having a different belief
light a frigging bonfire to give light to the great power that is in the dark.

[why not? I hears its a season for miracles and hope.]