Jesus is Magic

I just got home from Sarah Silverman's new concert film. Oh my god, I laughed so hard I thought I was gonna plotz.

From my father I always hear, "Why don't you meet a nice Jewish girl?" And I always tell him that there aren't any (just kidding, Jennie), but, man, Sarah Silverman...she is a nice Jewish girl.

1) She's smart.

2) She's funny.

3) She's beautiful.

4) She can sing.

5) And she's got a filthy mouth.

What's not to love?


Too bad she's shtupping Jimmy Kimmel...


mEg said...

Awwwwe... Very sweet!

Ithiel said...

if she's schtuping Jimmy Kimmel, it's only because she hasn't met you yet :)

mEg said...

You cheesy ass!