Busy week

Probably won't be many posts until the end of next week. I have what some may describe as "work" to do.

Over the coming weekend, I have to write leads for five or six news stories for Tuesday's media writing class, read chapters on Descartes and Hume, write an essay on the Descartes chapter (due Monday), and prepare my first speech for Public Speaking, 3 - 5 minute informative, which I'm signed up to give a week from today.


I'd forgotten how much effort all this school stuff is.

Smallville was interesting tonight. Quite shocking, you know, what with the heart attack suffered by Clark's father. Gee, never saw that coming. Totally unexpected.

Hmm? What's that? Clark's father died of a heart attack in the original 1978 Superman movie? Oh. Well. Nevermind then.

Looks like the show is attempting to fall in line with classic Superman lore, or, at least, to act as a bridge between the first two films and the upcoming Bryan Singer flick. I'm still curious how the show is going to end. I'm a bit surprised that it seems to be heading towards another season after this one ends. I figured, with the new movie coming out, it'd be a good time to pass the torch, so to speak.

Not much else going on. Still reading 1984, along with The Prestige (thanks again, Alissa), a novel about late 19th Century feuding magicians, soon-to-be a film starring Christian (Batman) Bale and Hugh (Wolverine) Jackman, directed by Chris Nolan (Batman Begins).

I suppose that's all I know for now. There's other stuff goin' on in the world that I'd like to write more about, like Hamas winning a shitload of parliament seats in the Palestinian election, or the cowardice of the Democratic senators in relation to the upcoming Alito vote, not to mention the illegal wiretapping, but, alas, no time. Perhaps once I get this speech all squared away next week.


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