Golden Evening

The Golden Globe awards seemed to sneak up on me this year. I didn't know they were tonight until I saw a commercial sometime last week. I didn't even know who was nominated for what, really. Still, out of all the dumb, pointless awards shows, it's the one I enjoy watching most. Granted, I only watch two, with the Oscars being the other.

Everything is just so low-key at the Golden Globes. It's much more informal and relaxed than other shows. Where else would you hear George Clooney (after deservedly winning Best Supporting Actor for Syriana) crack a joke about what kind of parent would name their kid "Jack" when the last name has "off" in it (Jack Abramoff). And then there was Dennis Quaid's poorly-received joke about Brokeback Mountain being a kind of film that rhymes with "chick flick," and no, I'm not explaining that one for you.

Plus, the Golden Globes combines both television and film, so I don't need to watch the always-boring Emmy awards.

Highlights of the evening would have to include Hugh Laurie winning for House. His speech was very funny, and it's always strange hearing him speak with his natural British accent.

Steve Carell's speech (for Best Actor in a Comedy, The Office) was also hilarious. Apparently his wife wrote it for him, and she had him thanking her approximately five times while speaking.

Brandon Routh, the new Superman, presented an award with Teri Hatcher, who, as everyone knows, is the former Lois Lane from Lois & Clark. She handed him a pair of "Clark Kent" glasses. It was very cute.

I think the main reason I enjoy this awards show is that it actually ends on time. It's given a three-hour time slot and it nails it each and every year. They just do the major awards, y'know? Acting, writing, directing, etc. They don't worry about special effects or cinematography, which is not to say those aren't important to film, just that when you have an award for everyone who helps make a film, you tend to run a bit long.

Anyway, it was a good production. Couldn't complain about any of the award winners (though I still don't understand the appeal of Lost, and why is a show like Grey's Anatomy considered a Drama while Desperate Housewives is in the Comedy catagory?). I kinda hoped Munich would win an award or two, or Good Night, and Good Luck, because I think those were two pretty important films of the past year, but hey, they just couldn't compete with the power of love, even if it was between two gay cowboys.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Also, Scarlett Johansson looked simply incredible in this gorgeous red dress that really accentuated her...talent, and Natalie Portman needs to put on a bit of weight (she kind of looked like a Holocaust survivor, though her close-cropped hair probably didn't help - can't wait for V for Vendetta).

That being said, it might be time for bed.

Oh, and if anyone cares at all, I finally figured out how to access all my old posts from the "Ten Thirty-One Productions" blog. They are now all available from my Nothin' But Links site, along the righthand sidebar. Can you believe I've been doing this blog for over three years? My god, do I know how to waste time or what?

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