This 'n That; A Miscellany

This philosophy class I'm taking is starting to get interesting. More people seem to be talking and throwing out their points of view, which helps make the time go by quicker.

The books I bought yesterday, for my (two) UNO classes, cost $206. A parking permit cost an additional $36. The student ID card was free. Hopefully I won't lose it and have to pay the $5 fee for a replacement.

Jack Abramoff, and anyone who has done business with him, are disgusting human beings who all deserve to rot in prison. Politicians are supposed to be working for the people, not for themselves. The last thing Washington needs is more old, rich, white men scheming to become even richer.

I believe USC will win tonight's Rose Bowl by double digits over Texas, and that Vince Young will remain a Longhorn for another year, win the Heisman and national championship next year, and then turn pro.

It's a sad thing that happened in that West Virginia mine, for numerous reasons, but the one thing that keeps running through my head is that this is yet another example of why we need reusable, alternative energy sources, so that we don't need to send people miles underground to mine for coal.

Apparently the Winter Olympics are next month. Does anyone care?

Wiretapping American citizens without warrants is illegal, regardless of why it was done. It is an impeachable offense. I believe President Bush will leave office in shame, if not handcuffs, before his term is up.

I don't know how to relax. I'm not certain if I ever knew. Even lying in bed, trying to sleep, my mind races and my body tenses, and it kind of sucks.


Gina said...

Since you are taking philosophy, I thought you might get a kick out of my Nietzsche movie...

chris soth said...

in this shallow sample --

no, no one cares about the Winter Olympics....

If you can afford one, a well-done, professional massage is a great way to relax and will feel like a two-week vacation.


AliKat said...

hey i know a professional massage therapist who will be living in Omaha again in a few months.

1031 said...

Do you now? Why, so do I...if only I could afford her rates.

AliKat said...

i think she is willing to be flexible with her rates