Tough room

When it comes to the war in Iraq, not to mention the administration that needlessly started it, I don't shy away from voicing my opinions, do I? I'm pretty vocal as far as my "Bush Bashing" goes, except that I don't see it that way at all. Bashing, I mean. Everything I say, I say confidently, secure in the knowledge that I can back up my assertions with cold, hard facts. I may not be able to rattle off specifics at the drop of a hat, but I know for certain that with nothing more than a quick Google search of my hard drive, let alone the internet, I can have countless emails and websites in front of me, each one bursting with honest-to-god, non-partisan truth, regardless of topic. The war, torture, health care, corruption, Katrina, wiretapping, whatever. You want to debate this administration's track record? Boy, do I have a link for you.

I bring this up because there's this girl in my media writing class, a veteran of Iraq. She can't be much older than 21 or 22, and while I was, admittedly, ranting away about some idiotic Bush policy (as I am wont to do) on Tuesday, I noticed her, out of the corner of my eye, throwing her arms up and shaking her head. Seems I had touched a tender subject, which is fine. Politics (and religion) has always been and always will be a sensitive topic for people, regardless of what side of the line you come down on.

My suspicions were confirmed today when she wore a "College Republican" t-shirt to class. I was actually a little touched. I couldn't help but think she wore it for me, you know, to tell me to shut up or something. I thought it was kind of funny. Not in a "me-laughing-at-her" kind of way, but more in a "someone-listened-to-something-I-said?" kind of way.

Of course, that may have just been the next outfit in her weekly rotation and I'm wildly overestimating myself, but I don't think so.

After class, when most of the other students had exited the room and we were both surfing the web on our respective computers, I went and sat down next to her. I wanted to, well, not apologize, because, of course, I would never apologize for voicing my opinion, but more to explain myself, I guess, to let her know that anything I say, I say because I feel so strongly about it, and because I feel that I can back up any (most) of the stuff that comes out of my mouth. I wanted to head off any potential anger, hostility or animosity before I had an opportunity to really get under her skin, to emphasize that nothing I say should be taken personally, or as an indictment of all Republicans everywhere. My brother-in-law is a Republican and I still talk to him (though generally not about politics), so I obviously don't have a problem with Republicans on a one-on-one basis.

It's when they all get together and wrapped up in their hive mind mentality, with no room for independent thought (and yes, Democrats are guilty of the same thing, and it pisses me off when they do it, too), that's when I have to shut it all out.

I'm actually tempted to register as an Independent, because I'm pretty sick and tired of all the pointless rhetoric from both sides. I'd rather be thought of as an independent thinker than be lumped in with the either side's echo chamber. Believe me, if the Democrats were involved in the Abramoff corruption scandal, the illegal wiretapping, or the fabrication of evidence to convince us to go to war, I would be all over them like a Republican on a private jet to St. Andrews.

But I digress.

Point is, when I say that Bush is an arrogant, corrupt, morally bankrupt liar whose only concern is for the rich, white people in this country, please don't take it personally. I have evidence.

Oh, wait. Evidence is a foreign concept to Bush supporters, isn't it?

(I kid. I kid because I love.)


Jaded said...

The National League of Reformed Prostitutes and The Republicin Party.

Boston Jen said...

But you didn't tell us her reaction.... how did that go?

1031 said...

Oh, right, seems I forgot a bit of the story, didn't I?

She nodded her head along with what I was saying, about not wanting things to be taken as personal attacks, etc. I think she appreciated my bringing it up.

I suppose I should be judicious in my "Bush Bashing," however, as what I've discovered, generally, is that getting into arguments with Bushies is pointless. They simply can't, or won't, accept anything that portrays the administration in a negative light.

I have to say, this incident has been nagging at my brain ever since it happened. I cannot understand how people can so blind themselves to the truth. It baffles me the way people defend every utterance from this administration, no matter how flawed or twisted.

I mean, just yesterday (or Thursday), in response to bin Laden's new audio tape, the administration said this is an example of how we've got bin Laden "on the run."

Excuse me? WTF? What sort of bizarro world logic is that? The man threatens to attack America again, and we've got him running scared? Please.

I just wish people would stop popping blue pills and washing them down with the Kool-Aid (too much metaphor?). I wish people would open their eyes, stop believing in the hivemind bullshit, and think for themselves.

I started rereading 1984 last week. I figured, hey, if this is the world we're going to be living in, I might as well familiarize myself with it once again.

Ithiel said...

As troubling as bush is, I think we're still a long step from 1984.

It's no lie that Bush really pooched things, especially durring his second administration. Don't label me as a bush apologist simply because I'm republican :)

1031 said...

Of course, what was I thinking? Illegal wiretaps of American citizens and subpoenas of internet search engines is a far cry from the Thought Police. My bad.

And yes, especially during Bush's second term has he fucked up. That first term sure was a model for presidential success, wasn't it? What with all those vital and necessary tax cuts for the rich. And it's not like fabricating evidence that plunged our country into a needless war is that big of a deal, is it?

AliKat said...

hmm, do i hear a hint of sarcasm there?

Ithiel said...

I never said his first tearm was great, I was merely pointing out that he really screwed the pooch in his second term. The war, I won't get into. I was dismayed durring his first term as well as he fucked things up left and right. Like I said, no apologist here. At least he can't run for a third term :)