Vote for Chion!!!

Around this time last year, I posted a plea for people to vote for my friend, Chion Wolf, so that she would be able to perform at SnowSlam, a local (for her) music festival in Connecticut, and it's that time of year again.

She's really, really good (click on the link and hear for yourself if you don't believe me), and would totally appreciate your vote.

One slight hitch is that she was accidentaly left off the ballot this year, so if you're gonna be cool enough to cast a vote (and we all know how cool you are), you need to use the write-in form at the bottom of the page. Just write "Chion Wolf" under "band:" and "contact:," and her email is chionwolf@hotmail.com.

Click here to cast your vote. Consider it your mitzvah for the year. Many thanks.

Voting ends on January 15th.


Ithiel said...

there a particular reason why I need to give them my name and address?

1031 said...

Because those boxes have the little * next to them.

AliKat said...

so what, we have to do whatever the little * tells us to do?

Ithiel said...

I for one welcome our new * overlords

Chion said...

i heart you.
i even heart the *'s.
and everyone who OBEYS THE *.

really. thanks everybody. this would be an AWESOME way to get on that damn stage.

thanks again!