Where has the time gone?

UNO started up this week. I have two classes on campus this semester, which means dealing with the absolutely atrocious parking situation. I don't know if this is a local thing, or if more universities around the country charge people $36 for a parking permit they may never use. If you don't get to campus before, say, eight in the morning (not at eight, before eight), tough luck. When one's classes don't start until ten, one doesn't want to hang out on campus for two hours just to get a parking space.

That being said, I think the classes are going to be pretty decent. The first one is "Media Writing," basically learning how to write properly for newspaper, radio, and television media. We haven't done a whole lot yet, just gone over some common grammar and spelling errors, and a brief history of journalism, from the mid-1600s through today, how it's changed, how priorities, what makes something "news" have changed.

Yesterday, after class, I spoke with my teacher for about an hour. Seems we're both news junkies, politics in particular, here in the U.S. as well as the Middle East. I'm really looking forward to this class now. I think I can learn a lot.

The other UNO class is speech, "Public Speaking," which should be relatively easy. I'm not afraid of talking before a group of people, especially a bunch of college kids who I'm probably five years older than, if not more. We had to give a short introductory speech yesterday, one to two minutes, about ourselves, what we do with our spare time (if we have any). It wasn't worth a whole lot of points or anything, just something quick and easy to get us used to speaking in public. Many of the kids were nervous, twitchy, jittery, but I think I got over all that a long time ago. I mean, hell, I've given two best man speeches at weddings the past couple of years. I think I know how to do this.

I'm not sure how much time I'm going to have to blog this semester. Since it's only been a week, I'm not yet certain how much homework will be involved with the two UNO classes. Probably a bit more than the Metro ones, though I do have a bunch of science labs and a take home quiz to work on this weekend, and a take home test for the philosophy class, though a few of us from that class are planning on getting together on Sunday (after the Steelers game, thankfully) to work on it.

I had almost forgotten how much reading was involved with classes at this level, and that might prove to be the most difficult aspect right now, finding time to read chapters from four or five different books every day, especially when some of the writing is so dull and dry. Slogging through a lengthy chapter on Descartes, not exactly my idea of a good time. Then again, I'm not doing this to have a good time, am I? Wouldn't exactly hurt if I had one, though, would it?

All in all, I'm reasonably certain I'll be able to get A's and B's this semester. All my teachers seem like they know what they're doing (although it's still pretty difficult to understand my philosophy teacher, because she's from Croatia and has only been in the U.S. for about six years - her english, it's not the best I've ever heard, which makes it even more difficult to understand the already complex and abstract ideas we're discussing in class). I think it's safe to say that I'm going to enjoy the "Media Writing" class the best. Just seems that the teacher and I are on the same wavelength when it comes to a lot of topics.

Not much else going on, really. Just classes. I might try and head down to Joslyn this evening. They're beginning a series of films, art house-type stuff, tonight, in anticipation of the opening, later this year, of a two-screen art house theatre downtown. Tonight's film is The Lady Eve. It's a pretty sweet project, and I sort of know some people involved, so I'm thinking that might be a cool place for a job once it opens.

And simply because I feel the need to foist my politics on the world, I leave you with this, an absolutely brilliant column laying out the precise moral, ethical, and legal reasons why George W. Bush deserves to be impeached. It is factual and decidedly non-partisan, merely stating the truth about Bush and his corrupt administration.

It's certainly comforting to know that my politics are shared by so many, espcially those able to more eloquently state the case than I. In fact, according to just about every recent poll, the majority of Americans feel this way. I just hope they remember when the November elections roll around.


Ithiel said...

Slogging through a lengthy chapter on Descartes, not exactly my idea of a good time.

lol, I remember doing that in my philosophy class. what level is the one you're taking?

AliKat said...

Hey, I think philosophy is incredibly fun, then again I never really did much of the reading, still got A's and B's though, but I am a brat like that.