Hooray for updates

Did I mention that last Tuesday was my Public Speaking midterm? Or that we got our grades on Thursday and I got the only A in the class? And that I didn't even study? Weird, huh?

Today's Public Speaking class was cancelled. I sat outside the classroom, waiting for the class before mine to finish and reading, for a couple of minutes before I noticed the sign on the door. My "History of Comics" speech is in two days. I think I've prepared fairly well. I mean, I know this subject like the back of my hand (say, where'd that spot come from?) and I could easily stand up and talk about it for a half hour without breaking a sweat. The trick is condensing all my vast knowledge into a few short minutes. I need to finish up my outline tonight, practice with the PowerPoint presentation tomorrow and I'll be all set.

I turned anonymous comments back on, but all comments not posted with a Blogger name will now go to my email so I can review 'em before they show up on the blog. Just sign your name and it'll be all good.

I'm currently reading The Atrocity Archives, by Charles Stross. It's quite good. Very funny. It's about Bob, who works for a secret British organization called the Laundry, which is sort of like the CIA, but for the occult.

Stross has rapidly become one of my top five favorite writers.

Thursday is the Media Writing midterm. Sounds like it's going to be fairly not difficult. Just have to know the various types of news values, article formats, etc. I should make some time to study for this one tomorrow. Can't imagine I'll be able to get through two midterms without studying, though stranger things have happened.

Nearly done with the first eight seasons of Stargate: SG-1. Just have the last disc of season 8 to go. Then I have season 1 of Stargate: Atlantis to sit through. That might have to wait until spring break, though...


Later that evening...

I didn't think this necessarily needed a brand new post of its own, so I figured I'd just tack it on the end here: I got A's in my two Metro classes. Probably means the Dean's List again, which I still feel is a rather dubious honor, Metro's Dean's List, but hey, it means I didn't drop out of school again, so that's a plus.

Next Metro class begins a week from tomorrow: Intro to Comparative Religion.

(For those who know me and my views on religion, feel free to find this eminently amusing.)


Angelkris said...

Thanks for the update- it had been a while and I was wondering what you've been up to.

mEg said...

Dean's List is Dean's List, nomatter what Dean's List it is. I'm glad you're doing so well. Congrats!

Boston Jen said...

Using Hooray in a title is such Jennie-speak! :) Plenty of people still do poorly in Metro classes... it's good to see you're still going strong with the grades. I know that I am only one of many who are very proud of you motivation and success. Hooray!

AliKat said...

You should be proud of yourself, you are doing so well. Who cares if it is the Metro Dean's List? You are working hard and it is paying off.