So how 'bout those Olympics?

I had forgotten how good Notorious was, so I'm glad they were screening it Friday night. Everyone always thinks of Hitchcock as this scary, spooky, tension-filled, suspense movie kind of guy, but what's not often discussed is how funny his films are, too. Great dialogue, great performances.

I believe the next movie Film Streams is showing is To Kill A Mockingbird, in a couple weeks. Been a long time since I've seen that one, too.

Next Sunday, up at the Jewish Community Center, journalist David Kotok will be discussing his time in Iraq, embedded with, I believe, a Nebraska National Guard unit. Should be a pretty interesting couple of hours.

As I mentioned earlier, I think I'll give my next speech on Will Eisner, and his contributions to the comic book industry. Following that, I need some topics for a persuasive speech, which I'm having a difficult time coming up with.

Part of me wants to do a speech on why I believe President Bush should be impeached, or perhaps a satirical one about if people want Intelligent Design taught in schools, then they must teach other religion's creation stories as well, like that of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, but those are topics which, generally, are best left alone in a roomful of people you don't really know, I think.

I have no problem with letting my views be known, whether people agree with them or not. If I did, I don't think I'd be doing the blog. However, I think either of those topics would cause more headaches than they're worth. It's just an undergrad Public Speaking class. It's not worth it.

So I'm thinking of sticking with the unintentional theme I've got going on so far and do the speech on why I believe comic books are not simply for children anymore, and why they should be considered just as valid an artform as films and novels and music. This is still a topic I'm passionate about, though one slightly less controversial than politics or religion.

Knowing me, though, I'll probably change my mind and do the "Impeach Bush" speech, because part of me loves the idea of ruffling someone's feathers with the Truth.

So, yeah, I dunno. I'll keep y'all posted. I still need to get my grade back from the first speech.

Broken Angels is pretty good so far. I love Morgan's writing, though I wasn't expecting this particular storyline. I thought it'd be something more in line with his first novel, Altered Carbon, this noirish, techno-detective story, but it's something much different, which is fine. Good writing is good writing, regardless of the plot.

Halfway done rereading 1984, too. I'm basically working my way through it while I'm at school, waiting for classes to begin. It's eerie how similar the real world has become to something written over 50 years ago, and while I would like that sentiment to be an exaggeration, sadly, I don't believe it is.


Angelkris said...

I think it's best to leave the political speech out of the classroom. Or...wait until the last speech when you figure out that you have enough points to guarentee you an A for the class regardless of how well you do on the final speech. Then do the Impeach Bush speech so that it won't matter if you offend your professor.

1031 said...

Oh, that's not a problem at all. My teacher for this class is also my advisor, and I know we're both on the same wavelength when it comes to this administration. It's just the other students in the class whom I don't really feel like antagonizing.