I finished reading Richard Morgan's Broken Angels yesterday morning. It was good, heavy on the sci-fi, light on the noir, unlike his first book, Altered Carbon, which had pretty heavy emphasis on both, which is why I think I like it a little more than its sequel. Still, Angels is a very good read, and probably shouldn't have taken me as long as it has to read it, but I feel like I've been pretty swamped with schoolwork the past couple of weeks, so I haven't had much opportunity to read for leisure.

With my two Metro classes done, I should have a bit more spare time. I only have one class there next quarter, which begins...the second week of March, I believe.

I do have a lot to do this weekend, however. I have to work on my second speech for Public Speaking, "A History of Comics," which I'm giving next Thursday. I'm currently looking for covers of comics to use in a PowerPoint presentation to illustrate how the industry has changed over the past 70 years.

Also, I need to write two articles for Media Writing. Well, actually, I need to write one story two different ways. That should be...interesting.

Tomorrow night is the Film Streams presentation of To Kill A Mockingbird at Joslyn. 7:00 PM. $10. Hangin' out with Jennie and Company afterwards. Dunno where yet.

Incidentally, Jennie's in town for some last-minute wedding planning, though the event is a good three months away. Always nice to chill with the Jew.

I think I might go to a College Democrats meeting at UNO Monday night, see if they do anything I'd like to get involved with.

I finally got to see Mirrormask, Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean's wicked-cool, Jim Henson-esque, faerie tale flick. It's a bit like Alice in Wonderland if Alice had an evil twin who took her place in the "real world" and was trying to destroy Wonderland.

Yes, the story is a bit, well, cliched, but it's cliched with Neil Gaiman sensibilities, so that makes it okay. And this movie further impressed upon me the thought that Dave McKean is nothing less than an absolute genius. Simply put, the movie looks gorgeous. Even if you don't care a whit about the story and characters, just put the movie on mute and watch the images flicker across the screen. You'll be entranced.

Okay. Back to looking for comic book covers. I figured out what the key is to giving speeches: choose a topic you like. It's much easier to research something you're genuinely interested in.


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Aydreeyin said...

I enjoyed Altered Carbon more than Broken Angels. I'm a bigger fan of noir than military sci fi. I'm putting off reading Woken Furies until I finish Clive Barker's Abarat, although I'm interested in finding out what happens to Kovacs.