Hail, no

It was hailing on my car about a half hour ago, small, white, ice pellets dropping from the sky. It was sunny about five minutes ago. Now it's back to cloudy and grey. If you couldn't tell, Spring has arrived in Omaha.

I need to interview someone this week and write a profile about them for my Media Writing class, but I've no idea who would make an interesting-enough piece. I stopped by Liquid Courage yesterday, to see if Koenig would be up for it, given his previously-insane life, but he's sort of the shy type, which is cool. Totally understandable. But now I've no idea who to ask. Any suggestions or volunteers?

The Sopranos returns tonight after a record 21-month-long hiatus. Hopefully they'll recap the last season for me, cause, you know, it's been a while.


Angelkris said...

You could interview Mick over a cup o joe, but I don't know if he'd have anything interesting to say.

AliKat said...

I've had an interesting life to say the least, you can interview me if you want.

1031 said...

Thanks for volunteering, but I'm sorta supposed to interview someone I don't know. Or, at least, don't know very well. My dad had the idea to interview the woman who started the whole Film Streams thing, which I thought was a decent idea. I'm gonna fire off an email to her in a minute.

AliKat said...

Oh and you think you know me so well ;)