After two rounds of the NCAA tournament, the initial 64 teams has been whittled down to 16. Out of those 16, I picked 10 of them to have advanced this far, including all four of my Final Four picks. 10 out of 16...that's not too shabby for guesswork.

We got a few inches of snow overnight. We're supposed to get a few more inches by tomorrow morning, by which I mean a foot. My poor car is slowly getting buried and I need to head out to the bank to drop a check off.

Art Spiegelman has agreed to be a judge in an Israeli comics company-sponsored anti-Semitic cartoon contest. Spiegelman is best known for his Pulitzer Prize winning graphic novel, Maus, which is the story of his father's time in the concentration camps of Nazi Germany.

More can be read about the contest here.

I think this is pretty fucked up and wrong and if I had any, I would send some money for her legal fees.

My Dean's List certificate for last quarter just arrived in the mail.

Hurricane season seems to have begun. Sure glad we're more prepared now.

The Dumbshit-in-Chief gave yet another speech about Iraq today in yet another half-assed attempt to blow sunshine up our nation's collective ass.

He said that Iraq is the center of the war on terror. Gee, I wonder why. However could that have happened?

I haven't shaved in, like, a week. It would seem that growing a decent beard may be difficult for me. Perhaps I'll take a picture before I clean myself up in the morning.

There appears to be a lull in the snowfall. I'm going to run out to the bank real quick before it starts coming down again.


Angelkris said...

Good call on heading out early. The majority of the snow is supposed to hit later this evening and into the night. Or so they say...

Scott said...

Hey Dave,

Your old blog is up and running again.

1031 said...

Interestingly, if you click on the single link on my old blog, it takes you to another blog with only one link, which takes you to yet another blog with just one link...I clicked through six or seven different blogs. It's kind of odd. I wonder if it's one person doing them all, or a collective, or an art project or something...