Oh, the Madness

I don't think my V for Vendetta review is all that good. My apologies. It was late. I was tired. Go see the movie. It's freakin' awesome.

UNO might be on spring break, but Metro isn't. Tonight is the second night of my World Religions class. We're going to be finishing up on Hinduism and we get a take-home test. Should be easy enough. There will be another take-home test later in the quarter, and then three in-class tests, I think. I have to finish a bit of reading before tonight's class, though, so that's what I'll be working on today.

Tomorrow, hopefully, I will be interviewing Rachel Jacobson, the director of the Film Streams project, for my Media Writing class. I suppose I should come up with a few questions in advance, huh?

I am halfway through downloading the first season and a half of Battlestar Galactica via BitTorrent (Shhh! Don't tell anyone). I started the download Friday night. It is, obviously, going slowly.

Last night's episode of the The Shield was great. That show really is one of the best on television (but it's still not better than Homicide). Forrest Whittaker has been incredible. His character's arc has been pretty harsh. I think he's losing it. And it's been really great to see Gina Torres (Firefly's Zoe) as his ex-wife. She's such a good actress, and this role has been way different from anything she's done in the Whedon-verse.

March Madness is upon us. I filled out my bracket like I do every year. Not in any pool, though. Don't have the money to gamble with. But I like gambling with other people's money, so I helped Ith with his office pool. I've done fairly well the past few years with my picks, so we'll see how it goes. I have Duke and UConn in the championship game, but I wouldn't be surprised to see Syracuse, BC, Ohio State or UCLA there instead. It's a pretty wide-open field this year. There is no one team that is a clear-cut favorite or that is that much better than everyone else. Should be a good tournament.

Hinduism, here I come...


Angelkris said...

I guess I'm in one of those bracket thingys too- not for money though- my mom filled it out for me and I'm sure my dad filled it out for her.

Kate said...

I hate Duke.

1031 said...

No one likes Duke, but that Redick kid is, you know, pretty good.

I have them losing to UConn, though. Should be a good game if that's how the tournament works itself out.