Oy, what a week

I don't remember the last time I've been this thankful for a weekend to arrive. It's not even that this past week has been particularly bad, but I had a lot of stuff to do, and I wasn't sleeping very well for most of the week, so now I feel like I can get all caught up.

I turned in my 6-page Hinduism paper Wednesday night. I think it came out pretty decent, though I may have gotten a bit carried away when I got to the part about comparing/contrasting Hinduism with my own religion. But hey, a page and a half of anti-religion rant has to be entertaining for some people, doesn't it?

Wednesday night also featured an exam over Buddhism, which, I think, I really dig. It's not so much a religion as it is a philosophy, a way of life, and I think a lot of it makes sense. It's basically about inner peace, getting your mind and body to function properly as a unit. Were I to ever want to find my spiritual side, I believe I now know where to look.

Plus most of the Buddhists in the video we watched had shaved heads, and I still think I want to do that. After Dave and Jennie's wedding, perhaps...

The third speech in my Public Speaking course was a group one, two or three people per group. Two of my classmates came over to the house Wednesday after I got out of my Religions class and we worked, briefly, on our speech (one of them was late and the other had to go bowling...). I'm not the world's biggest fan of public speaking, and I dislike it even moreso when it's a prepared speech. I prefer to go more off-the-cuff. Give me a topic and I'll give you ten minutes. Working with a group, I would really prefer not to do that again.

It's not that my partners were bad or anything. I think they did a better job on their bits than I did on mine (granted, I don't think anything I ever do is any good, but I digress). It's not that I'm a control freak either. OCD, sure, but I generally work well with others. I dunno. When I get up in front of a class and make a fool of myself, I'd just rather do it by myself, I guess.

But whatever. It's over and done with. One more speech to go. I have no idea what I want to give it over.

Battlestar Galactica has become my new favorite show. I feel almost embarrassed that I never watched it on television. The writing is just so masterful, so subtle, very understated. Never say with words what you can show with action, even something so subtle as one character not being able to look another in the eye.

You know how weird thoughts or ideas come to you right before you fall asleep? I went to bed after watching an episode of Galactica and reading a bit of Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets, the book that my favorite TV show of all time was based on, and this phrase popped into my head: Good and Evil don't exist, only a point of view.

I have a couple of assignments to work on over the weekend, for Media Writing. I need to write, like, two radio or TV segments, I forget which. Hopefully the assignment will tell me when I look at it. I don't imagine that will take too long, but I've noticed something this semester. The writing class coupled with the speech class has made me realize that I don't write things to be spoken (except dialogue, of course). I write things that are supposed to be read. I think this is part of my problem with giving prepared speeches. I try to write them out beforehand, like we're supposed to, with an outline and all, but I seem to write the speeches more formally than necessary, which trips me up a bit, trying to remember all the witty turns of phrase I wrote down, which look great on paper and sound great in your head, but when they're spoken out loud, they seem to lose something.

Anyway, I need to get dressed and get to the comic shop. With all that I'm trying to do, all the concentrating on school, I don't get out very often. Prior to seeing V for Vendetta, I don't think I'd been in a movie theatre since 2005. Movies cost money. Concerts cost money. Everything costs money, which I don't have, but comics are generally inexpensive and they help keep me sane, I think, a short respite from all the schoolwork.

Oh, and speaking of concerts, the band of a kid I worked with at the 04 is playing tomorrow night down at Sokol Underground: Race for Titles. Not sure what time McLaughlin's band is going on, but the show starts at 9. Door is only $7, which is how I can justify my going. Anyone else up for it?

And finally, to return to my high school melancholy for a moment, today is the 13th anniversary of the death of Brandon Lee, who was accidentally killed toward the end of filming The Crow.

God, high school seems like such a long fuckin' time ago. Being around all these kids in my classes has made me feel old. We were never that innocent and naive, were we?

Which reminds me, my ten year high school reunion is going to be next year.

Fuck, that's depressing.


raptorpack said...

Yes, (lowers his head and shakes it back and forth as if everyone just discovered that he really stole the Cheez-its) yes we were...

ComicFanatic said...

You where '97 right? I forget sometimes. I'm not going if it is. I didn't like those people then, probably wont like them now. Plus I don't want to dress up.

I never worked with anyone by that name at the 04. But I didn't work with you there either did I?

AliKat said...

I think I have to go back further than high school to find a time when I was innocent, probably still a little naive in high school, but definitely not innocent.
I may be able to go with you to Sokol tomorrow, not too sure what my plans are though. I'll let you know.

1031 said...

Yep, I was '97. Are you that old, Mick, that your memory is fading? ;)

And I believe McLaughlin was gone from the O4 by the time you started working there, but we worked there together, I'm pretty sure, albeit briefly.

becky said...

hey, all of you, shut-up about the reunion thing! if we don't acknowledge it, it'll never happen, and then we won't really be that old. that'll totally work, right?