Still missing

Journalist Jill Carroll is still being held captive in Iraq, and the Christian Science Monitor has created some public service videos calling for her release, which Iraqi television stations have agreed to air for free.

You can view one of the videos here.

Pass it on and maybe it'll eventually reach those who kidnapped her. Maybe she can still get out of this alive.

::UPDATE:: 3/15/06

On other matters, (Bayan) Jabr (Iraq's interior minister) told AP:

Kidnapped Christian Science Monitor reporter Jill Carroll was still alive and being moved from place to place by her captors. He would say nothing more about the case.



Anonymous said...

I feel confident in writing that they've either killed her by now and we'll sooner or later find the corpse, or they're not going to kill her and she will eventually be released.

--The God of Hellfire

1031 said...

I would concur with that assessment.

Anonymous said...

Damn right! I'm a professional you know!


--The God of Hellfire