Silent Hill

I only played the first two Silent Hill games, and I didn't beat either one of them. I probably got sidetracked like I usually do, so I don't remember the story very well, but I did enjoy the games, what I played of them.

So the movie, the movie is pretty freakin' sweet. Atmospheric and creepy and nasty in all the right places. It was highly enjoyable. I'd recommend it to any fan of the game and of horror/thriller flicks in general.

The director, Christophe Gans, previously made Brotherhood of the Wolf, which is one of my favorite foreign films, so I was pretty up for Silent Hill, and I certainly wasn't disappointed.

Granted, it's no million dollar porn, but it's still good, good stuff. Check it out.

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raptorpack said...

It frellin' rocked...when pyramid head tore her skin off...DAMN