Happy Free Comic Book Day!

FCBD has, over the past five years, become one of the biggest days of the year for comic book geeks and shops across the country. It seems that every comic book company, from the big guns at Marvel and DC to the small, indie, specialty companies like Oni, Top Shelf, Fantagraphics and Adhouse, is in on the fun, printing copies of Superman and Batman comics as well as Scott Pilgrim, Owly and tons more that you've never heard of.

I stopped by Krypton around 11:30 this morning and the place was packed. There was a line out the door of mothers and fathers and children waiting to get their hands on some free comics. I don't remember the last time I'd seen so many children in a comic book store.

The kids were kept entertained by some local Stormtroopers, a sorta pudgy Darth Vader and a couple of very pudgy Jedi. (Sorry, no pictures. But who wants to see a chubby Vader anyway?)

A few local and semi-local artists were on hand to sign comics and sketch for people (Phil Hester did a great head shot of the main character from his graphic novel, The Coffin for me), and Sarah Douglas, the bad girl, Ursa, from Superman II came all the way from her home in London, by way of Los Angeles, to sign autographs and pose for pictures.

I didn't have a chance to speak with the owner, but it appeared to me that the day has been an amazing success. Everyone seemed to be having a lot of fun. I hope it's been the same with the other stores in town and across the country.

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Angelkris said...

It was a happy comic book day! We went down to Mick's buddy's store: Tenthpenny. They had some artist whom I'm sure you've heard of, but I didn't know who he was. They were giving away free stuff in drawings- pretty good turn out overall. I guess they were one of the few stores to get the free batman comic or something.