Jennie and Dave's Wedding

There was much fun and rejoicing today as Jennie and Dave tied the knot downtown. It was a nice outdoors ceremony, short 'n sweet (it was about 95 degrees, so the shorter the sweeter), followed by lunch (indoors, thankfully) and mingling.

And champagne. Gotta love the champagne.

The bride looked absolutely beautiful, as did her entourage, Becky, Rose and Nikki.

I have just a couple photos I took with my phone (I totally forgot my camera) on my Flickr site and I uploaded some short videos to YouTube:

Jennie and Dave's first dance

More of Jennie and Dave's first dance

Jennie dancing with her father

Hopefully I will be getting photos from people who remembered their cameras later, so I can show more of the big day.

My heartfelt congratulations to Jennie and Dave Beckman. On behalf of your friends, we couldn't be happier for you.

Mazel Tov!


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Angelkris said...

It was very nice indeed. I had a lovely time and thought they did an excellent job of making the special day their own- who's next in line?

Boston Jen said...

Can you tell we didn't take dance lessons?