Scott Pilgrim & the Infinite Sadness

Bryan Lee O'Malley finally returns to comic shop shelves with long-awaited and eagerly-anticipated third volume of the awesome and amazing adventures of young Canadian slacker and bass player (in a band called Sex Bob-omb), Scott Pilgrim.

And it is good.

To succinctly recap the main thrust of the story to this point, Scott began dating American ex-pat Ramona Flowers in Volume 1 only to learn that in order to continue dating her he must first defeat her 7 Evil Ex-Boyfriends (EXBF) in (mostly) hand-to-hand combat.

This volume showcases an epic showdown between Scott and the third EXBF, Todd, a Vegan with extraordinary psychic powers ("Mind bullets!") who just so happens to be dating one of Scott's exs, Envy, an uber-hot and fashionable alt-rock singer whom Scott isn't completely over yet.

It is a convoluted, sordid tale to say the least, full of angst, heartbreak, betrayal, and ass-kicking (with a giant magical hammer).

I cannot think of a single comic that I've enjoyed over the past couple of years, if ever, as much as Scott Pilgrim. Everyone should be reading this awesome book. It is bursting with awesomeness.

Find out for yourself by clicking here and reading the Free Comic Book Day story (scroll down a bit). And once you're convinced of the high level of awesomeness, buy the graphic novels or find someone to "borrow" them from.

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