Alissa and I picked up Jennie and Dave at the airport Tuesday morning. They flew in from Boston to, you know, see some friends and family, do a little shopping, get married, see a Dave Matthews concert. Nothin' too important.

The wedding is on Sunday. Seems like while all of their friends are looking forward to the event, Jennie and Dave are looking forward to simply having it over and done with. I've been a part of many weddings over the past few years and I gotta tell ya, it sure seems like a stressful occasion. At least until the actual ceremony begins. And then it's as though a great weight is lifted off the bride and groom and everyone finally enjoys themselves.

See, look, Jennie's already beginning to have fun:

(Sorry about the sound. There was music, I swear, but the phone was closer to the people having conversations at the table and I don't have any cool editing software.)

In other news, um, Duncan's engaged, or so I hear.

He's been dating one of Jennie's Dave's best friend's sister for, oh, I dunno, over a year and a half, I think, and the best friend, Kevin, was at the bar tonight and I mentioned that I had met his sister when Duncan stopped over a couple of weeks ago. So we got to talking a bit and he said that his sister and Duncan had gotten engaged a couple of months back and are getting married in October.

You could literally hear my jaw hitting the table as it dropped wide open.

So now I wanna know why Duncan didn't mention this when they stopped by. I'm slightly hurt, I think.

Everyone's gettin' married these days. I'm startin' to feel a bit left behind, out of the loop.


Here's to Jennie and Dave, and to Duncan and...now I'm embarrassed that I've forgotten her name. (Sorry about that.)


mEg said...

Lets form a club and make married people feel left out. It could be called "Commitment Makes Me Puke". Classy, oh yeah.

Angelkris said...

Yea, Jennie and Dave! I'm looking forward to seeing everybody on Sunday- it'll be a good time and I'm sure all stresses will be forgotten as the ceremony begins.

rainbowponi said...

is it just me or does she look very much like the girl from my big fat greek wedding in that video?

Boston Jen said...

Man-- what a relief it was. The day was awesome, and as far as I am concerned, everything went perfectly-- especially since we're all still standing!
Now the month 'o stress is almost done. Thanks to everyone for your rides and support!