Straight A's...Almost

Since I went back to school last year I've taken a total of 9 classes (ten if you count the refresher algebra class I needed to take before I took the one that actually counted) between Metro and UNO. The first class was World Civ II, in which I received a B+. The rest of the classes, straight A's, and my GPA has risen from 2.0 to 2.6 (it'd be higher, but the classes transferred from Metro count only toward credits taken, not GPA).

Thinking back to elementary school, I can't recall a similar stretch of grades ever in my life.

And now I have a little more than a month off before my summer classes at UNO start. I fear I'm going to be slightly bored. But I have books to read and video games to play, and, really, what more does one need?

Oh, right...a woman...well, that can wait til after I graduate, yeah? You know, when I (hopefully) have a job and money. I hear dames like that sorta thing.


AliKat said...

Congrats on the grades! You know women are a pain in the ass and so are men. I should just go back to knitting.

1031 said...

Yep, I can see it now, you and Meredith Grey in old age, sitting side-by-side, knitting sweaters and cursing men, surrounded by cats.

Jaded said...

I love the reference to dames. You don't hear that sort of talk much these days. It's much better than most of the words I've heard women called. Dames is classy.

1031 said...

And were I to have a dame, I'd doff my cap and open doors for her, too.

Angelkris said...

That's nice and all when it's unexpected, but in all honesty- I don't need the door opened for me every time. It almost means more when the chivalry is spontaneous- call me crazy.

Congrats on the grades- I never once experienced a stretch like that- Until college, I was completly satisfied with C+'s.

Pierce said...

Way to go, man. I peaked around 4th grade.