Birthday surprise

Today's my mother's 60th birthday and my sister cooked up a little surprise for her, which I feel free to mention here because my mother barely knows how to check her email, let alone my idiotblog.

60 is a pretty big number, a milestone, if you will, and to commemorate said milestone, my sister hatched a plot to surprise my mother with not only a party, but with visits from some out-of-town guests. My brother and his family should be getting to town sometime early this afternoon, which will be surprise number one. And then, after dinner, surprise numbers two and three will probably occur at the same time, with surprise three being the party, unless surprise number two's plane arrives in time for them to join us for dinner.

My uncle, my mother's brother, is flying in for, well, a day and a half, really, from Sacramento, with his wife, which will be great because I don't remember the last time I saw them. I think it would have been my my sister's wedding 6 years ago...

Anyway, my mother doesn't know about any of this. She's been kept in total darkness for the past few weeks as my sister devised and hatched her plan. She will be quite surprised, without a doubt.

I shall take this opportunity to wish my mother a happy birthday, even though she'll more than likely never read this: Happy birthday, Mom. I'm glad I've been around for nearly half your life. It's been a ride, hasn't it?

And speaking of birthday surprises, about an hour ago I received an email from my buddy Mick informing us of the birth of his daughter, Joss. (Yes, she's named after Whedon.) So a big congratulations goes out to Mick and Kris. Cigars all around!


Chion said...

that is WICKED badass for a birthday surprise!!! I love stuff like that.

way to go, sis!

and way to go, ma, for making y'all!


1031 said...

You should have seen her face. Boy, was it priceless.

First, at lunch, we all showed up at the restaurant before my mother and father got there, so when she walked in she was attacked by her grandchildren from Colorado, which was nice.

Then, after dinner downtown, we made our way back to my sister's house where the surprise guests were hiding in the kitchen/dining room. This also caught my mother completely off guard.

And finally, after we had been at my sister's for about a half hour, I spotted my aunt and uncle walking toward the house, so we got my mother to answer the door when they rang the bell. Oh my god, she nearly fell over with surprise. She was absolutely shocked to see her brother and sister-in-law standing on the porch with a birthday card in hand.

I really have to hand it to my sister for organizing this whole shebang. She did a helluva job. The look on my mother's face...priceless.

Angelkris said...

Thanks for the Joss honorable mention. The one thing Mick wanted to get before the baby was born was cigars. Umm...seeing as we weren't expecting her for another 19 days- cigars never got purchased :(