College World Series

I went downtown to Rosenblatt for first game of the day yesterday, North Carolina against Cal State Fullerton (whom I rooted for because, well, I did sort of live there for a bit), with my father, brother-in-law and nephew. It was, as they say, good times.

Perfect weather, though a little more wind would have been nice, but it wasn't all that hot, and the tickets my brother-in-law got from another attorney in his firm were great: halfway up, along the first base line, and since the game started so late in the afternoon (at 4:00), we hardly had any sun on us.

I wouldn't have minded staying for the second game of the night, the Rice/Oregon State (Go Beavers!) game, but my nephew wasn't going to make it. We were pretty lucky he lasted as long as he did for the first game. He got a little restless, being only 5, but he stuck it out until after the 8th inning. Then my father took him out to the car while Brian and I hung around for the 9th.

It was a good game, for college ball, with a lot of hits, a lot of runs and a few great defensive plays. After a while, though, that PING! of the aluminum bat starts to get on your nerves. I like my bats like I like my Keanu Reeves performances - wooden.

Anyway, there are some photos up on my flickr site with more to come. I used up my monthly uploading allotment already, so I have to wait til July.

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