Hoop jumping

On Saturday, I received a letter from UNO informing me that I didn't meet a certain requirement for receiving financial aid for the upcoming Fall and Spring semesters. It seems that I've gotten an F in at least two-thirds of the classes I've enrolled in over the years, which doesn't sound completely accurate to me, but I haven't looked at my transcript yet.

There's an appeal process, for which I'll write a letter explaining my less-than-stellar performance in previous years (I simply didn't care) and point out my renewed resolve (I care now) and the grades I've received in more recent classes (8 'A's and a 'B+').

I understand the relunctance to hand out money to students who would squander the opportunity, like I did in the past. But it seems fairly obvious that, if one were to actually look at my transcript over the past year, I'm not the same student I was when I first began my college career (and, boy, after all this time, does it ever feel like a career). I think my most recent performance should speak for itself. Unfortunately, it appears to be drowned out by past mistakes.

So I will jump through their hoops and write a heartfelt appeal and more than likely receive the financial aid money. It's frustrating, is all. Now that I actually want to be in school, now that I enjoy it, all these roadblocks have been erected with the sole purpose of making it just that much more difficult.

Of course, I can't really complain. After all, it's my own fault. I wouldn't have to navigate these obstacles if I hadn't helped build them in the first place.


Chion said...

that's a beautiful thing... your talent in writing (and sincere yet pragmatic bullshitting! rah!) will ideally lead to a scholarship. which is just the way it should be.

thank you SO much for keeping the vote-for-me entry up top! You are a GOOD MAN. officially. ;)


Grumpy Old Man said...

Your parents would appreciate it also.

mEg said...

You are quite inspiring, and are having such a positive attitude about it. It's refreshing to encounter that sort.