POTUS in Omaha

Today, on the 62nd anniversary of D-Day, one of the most pivotal battles of World War II, as we find ourselves mired in what more and more looks to be an unwinnable, unending war, the president of the United States came to Omaha. It is mere coincidence that today is the sixth day of the sixth month of the sixth year of this century.

A group of protesters, organized by the UNO College Democrats, greeted President Bush's motorcade as he arrived at his hotel. Mostly students, with a handful of older men and women, they chanted and waved signs deriding Bush's policies both domestic and foreign, from the mishandling of the war in Iraq to his nonstop tax-cuts-for-the-rich to his stance on immigration reform. Essentially, since the president comes to Nebraska so rarely, they threw everything they could think of at him.

Given the short notice (I received a phone call about the protest mere hours before we were supposed to congregate) there was a fairly decent sized crowd on hand, maybe 50 or so. Another protest is scheduled for tomorrow morning at 33rd and Q. However, given my sleeping habits of late, I do not see myself attending an 8:00 AM rally, sorry.

That being said, I feel it incumbant upon myself to mention my disappointment at this evening's crowd. They were energetic, certainly, and seemed to be having a good time, but I felt there was something lacking: Anger.

Our country has been taken over and corrupted by ring-wing neo-cons and Christian fundamentalist wingnuts. The poor continue to recede into debt while the rich keep getting richer. Our constitutionally-protected civil rights and liberties have been slowly erroded away. They yammer on and on about "traditional" families and "traditional" values, falsely claiming that Americans feel threatened by the idea of a gay or lesbian couple getting married when that's not even an issue for the majority.

How many members of Congress subscribe to the so-called ideals of the religious right they pander to so willfully? How many have gotten divorced? Gotten a blowjob? Had sex (with only their wife or husband, of course) for the sole purpose of procreation? How dare these hypocrites attempt to tell us how to live our lives when they themselves make a mockery of their supposed "traditional" values.

Nearly 2500 American soldiers have been sacrificed for a needless war we chose to start. And that's an important word, "chose." We brought this upon ourselves with faulty intelligence and even faultier military planning, not to mention a whackjob president who thinks God put him in office.

Where's the anger? Where's the indignation? Why can not we liberals and progressives unify our voices and cry out for an end to this sham of a presidency and reclaim our country for the people to whom it belongs?

Oh, if only this were the End of Days Bush and his ilk believe in so fervently. I would gladly welcome the Rapture if only to wipe the planet clean of these pompous, self-righteous bastards. Let them ascend to whatever heaven they believe in and leave the rest of us in peace. We'll all be much better off without them.


Chion said...

i was JUST talking to my mom about the rapture today!!! In addition to the religious exodus (phew), think of all the free CLOTHES!!!

raptorpack said...

Knowing my luck, every "pompous, self-righteous bastard" will be one size smaller than me.