Nerd Prom 2006

Yes, it's that time of year again, when legions of fanboys descend upon the poor, unsuspecting town of San Diego (still stayin' classy!) for what can only be described as an orgasmic collision of all facets of pop culture, Comic-Con, the largest comic book (amongst other things) convention in America.

A few years ago Kelly Sue coined the phrase, "Nerd Prom," and there is certainly no more apt term than that. This is the event comic book geeks around the country have been waiting for with a drooling fervor akin to hysteria.

Oh, how I wish I were there. The sights, the sounds, the smells...wait, scratch that last part. Fanboy aroma is not a good reason to go. I think the convention organizers should hand out gift baskets filled with soap to all attendees. Perhaps then they would get the hint that bathing once a week, especially when you're going to be crammed into an enclosed building, albeit a nice, big one, just doesn't cut it.

But I digress.

The aforementioned Kelly Sue has set up a flickr group for convention-goers to upload photos to. It's already brimming with all manner of strange and unusual-looking folks, like Darth Vader and a clone trooper.

The various comic book news sites, Newsarama, Comic Book Resources and countless others, will be posting news all weekend, and the bloggers will surely be working overtime trying to scoop one another with the big announcements of the weekend.

Comic-Con is an insane experience, a bombardment of all your senses (except touch - the booth babes don't like it when you touch). By the time Sunday night rolls around, you feel as though you've participated in a triathlon, with aches and bruises and massive, massive hangovers. If you can keep up with it, it's an incredibly fun weekend. And if you can't, well, then you don't deserve to be called "fanboy."


rainbowponi said...

gen con is coming up too. mr poni is going with mr hendriksen.

ComicFanatic said...

This was to long to read, but if it boiled down to "Man, I wish I was there" then i'm right there with ya brother

1031 said...

Oh c'mon. "Long?" This one is at least a third the length of that Superman Returns one.

raptorpack said...

makes me wonder if comicfanatic even reads my posts if this one is long.

eh, so nerdapalooza, never been and kinda really want to go to one. Probably E3 though due to massive game play. Course GenCon might not be to bad either, RPG central and all

ComicFanatic said...

Yeah, I didn't read that one either!

AliKat said...

I guess comicfanatic can be forgiven for lack of reading with the new baby and all, but I would think that a post about Comic-Con might capture his attention for the 2 mintutes it would take to read it all the way through.

1031 said...

Thank you. That's all I'm sayin'. The time it takes to post a comment could instead be used to actually read the entry that you're posting the comment about.

And I can't imagine this entry actually takes two minutes to read. Someone is a slow reader. Maybe if she practiced more. Perhaps with a certain comic book. Comics have pretty pictures, too, you know. ;)

AliKat said...

Hey I didn't say it took me a whole 2 minutes to read it, I wasn't timing myself. I was just saying it doesn't take that long to read a post, I pulled a time out of my ass. :P Someday I may get around to reading that comic too.