Shuttle Discovery

No matter how many times I watch a shuttle launch, I'm always left with a feeling of awe and wonder. Did anyone else watch it? It was so freakin' cool. The camera angles they can get nowadays are nothing short of spectacular. I Heart NASA.

There is so much out there in the vast darkness of space. There has to be. I refuse to believe that this is it, that Earth is the only planet capable of supporting "intelligent" life, which is not to say I think there are little green men flying around in UFOs.

As certain as I am of there being something out there, I'm equally certain that it looks, behaves, and thinks absolutely nothing like us. It would be ridiculous to make such a presumption. The universe is over 13 billion years old and we've been around for a mere eyeblink of that time.

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Angelkris said...

So says you- I'm celebrating my 6 millionth birthday this year.