Summer School

My two summer classes are going fairly well, I guess. It's tough to cram a full semester's worth of work into six weeks, but that's what we're doing. I have four or five papers due before the end of the first week of August. Wheee.

One of the papers is supposed to be a profile of a teacher or alumni of the UNO School of Communication. I picked film editor Mike Hill's name out of the proverbial hat. As yet, I have been unable to figure out how to contact him. If only there were a section in the Yellow Pages for Academy Award-winning film editors.

Other than school, not much is going on around here. Don't have time for much else. Though I'm planning on having a little Kevin Smith marathon the last weekend of July, whatever that Saturday night is, the 29th, I think, in celebration of the release of Clerks II, which is out next weekend. (I'll probably be checking it out sometime on Friday, during the day if possible, if anyone's up for that.)


Anonymous said...

If by Friday, you mean the 21st, then I'm game. Never saw Clerks 1, but I liked Dogma (plus Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back to a lesser extent) and plan on seeing this one anyways.

-Ben Russell

looksy said...

How's the paper going? That's SO cool that Mike Hill is from Omaha and went to your school!