Too many papers...

Okay, so I finished the first draft of my report article on the history of the comic book industry. It clocks in at nearly ten pages when it was supposed to be between five and eight. I think I have some editing to do with that one.

I was finally able to interview Acadamy Award-winning film editor Mike Hill Monday morning, for yet another paper. I need to transcribe the tape before I can start writing his profile. That will be tomorrow's job.

I have a general idea of what I want to write for the travel article I also need to start. That will be the weekend's job.

And I also have a four page paper due in my Native American Lit class next week, about a book I'm about 50 pages into. (Thankfully it's only 220 pages long instead of, say, 520.)

Saturday night's Kevin Smith marathon (Come one! Come all!) cannot get here fast enough. I think I already need a break from all this.


Boston Jen said...

Sounds like you're writing about things you have interest in at least!

1031 said...

True that.

Say, shouldn't you be changing your Blogger name?

Balti-Jen, perhaps?