Another day, another semester

Fall semester begins today. I have pretty light Monday schedule, just Small Group Communication and Leadership, whatever the hell that is, from 1 to 2:15. It counts as a Speech credit, and I'll still need one more Speech class after this one. I know how to fuckin' talk, y'know? I've been communicating for over 25 years. I don't know why I need these classes, but whatever.

Thursday is also a pretty light schedule, with just my Astronomy lab that night from 6 to 7:50, though I do work from 1 to 5 during the day, too.

Tuesday is my writing day, with Fiction Writing early in the afternoon (after a couple hours of work) and News Writing at night (after a couple more hours of work), and Wednesday is the aforementioned Speech class (after a couple hours of work) and then the actual Astronomy class in the evening (after a couple more hours of work - sense a pattern?).

This job, TJ's old job, sounds like it should be a breeze, just sittin' on my butt in a computer lab for two to four hours at a time. It's only 12 hours a week, so it shouldn't interfere with school work whatsoever. I should, in fact, be able to get at least some work done while sitting there.

The only thing I was slightly concerned about was having time between work and class to get my car from the parking garage at Crossroads and grab a bite to eat during the day, but after looking at my class schedule and work schedule side-by-side I think I'll have enough time, depending on how quickly the buses are running between the mall and campus.

Hopefully this will be an easy (and maybe even fun) semester. I can't imagine the Astronomy or Speech classes being overly difficult, and the writing ones, well, I guess I'll just have a lot of deadlines this semester.

I'm off to grab some food before I head to campus. Later...


Angelkris said...

It sounds like you've got everything pretty much figured out. I hope you do as well this semester as you did last semester- cuz you rocked last sememster.

Boston Jen said...

Wait a second - I must have missed a prior explanation of why you take the bus from Crossroads? (feel free to call me if it's too mundane to type out)

1031 said...

As everyone knows, parking is quite shitty at UNO, so the school arranged to have Crossroads act as a parking garage for students. It's free to park there and then you just take a shuttle to campus.

Unfortunately the shuttle service ends at 6 each night, so after work Tuesday and Wednesday (I get off at 5, class starts at 6) I will have to hop on a shuttle, pick up my car and drive back to campus and (hopefully) find a parking space.