Final Chicago article

Here is my article about that live art party I went to last weekend. I think it turned out pretty well, though I wish I had more quotes from some of the other artists. I might go back and re-write bits of it, get it updated on the site.

So, we're in Pittsburgh. Had an interesting conversation with my grandmother today. She's scared, basically, to move to Omaha. She's lived in Pittsburgh her entire life (88 years) and the idea of upping and moving across the country, even to a city she's been to, a city where her son, two grandchildren and two great-grandchildren live, is nearly terrifying to her.

I can understand her fears, but the life she has here in Pittsburgh isn't really much of a life at all, you know? Her friends are all dead. She has one grandson here, and he and his wife don't live close enough that, should something happen to her, they can be here in five minutes. They think she should move to Omaha where there are more people available who can help her.

It's just difficult for her to admit that she might actually need help with certain things, whether it's getting around the city or grocery shopping.

So, yeah, I think we're starting to get through to her, but she's been so resistant to moving for so long I don't know if she'll ever agree to it.

Tomorrow morning Dad and I are going to take a tour of Heinz Field, home of the Super Bowl Champion Pittsburgh Steelers. And then there's the Cardinals/Pirates game tomorrow night. (Pictures are forthcoming.)

Not sure what's on tap for Saturday. Breakfast with an old friend of Dad's and then...? Dad mentioned stopping by the cemetary to say 'hello' to a few people, so we might do that in the afternoon.

Probably start heading home on Sunday after brunch with my cousin and his wife, so I'll be back in Omaha on Monday.

Be good til then.


looksy said...

Wow, that art party looked like a blast. What a way to capture it, very cool article. Haha -"weapons of mass illustration"- good one.
Safe travels, hope the airport liquid scare isn't too chaotic this weekend!

1031 said...

Yeah, the party was very cool. Hopefully I'll be "reporting" on more conventions in the future, so I'll be able to go to more of those parties.

And no worries about the airports. My dad isn't a big fan of either flying or the airlines themselves, so we drove. It's just a quick 14 hours on I-80, give or take. ;)

looksy said...

Exactly, you party animal, you.

Oh, I assumed you guys flew! Never heard 14 hours be described as quick before, but if say so. You road warrior, you. ENJOY!

AliKat said...

I have to be good until Monday? That is no fun. Get back soon so I can be bad again.

1031 said...

C'mon, you're going to church now and everything. You're not bad anymore, remember?