One week down, many to go

Well, I've survived the first week of what will probably be my most difficult semester of being back in school to date. Of course, what with this being the first week, it's not like there was much work to be done. But still, a few of the days are a real grind. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays I get to campus before 10 for my job in the computer lab and get home sometime between 8:30 and 9:30, give or take. The majority of my classes meet only once a week, so they're each about three hours long.

I've finished most of the assignments that are due next week, with mainly just some reading to do...and a two-page story to finish, of which I have about a page left to write. It's supposed to be a story about where I grew up, but with a lie in it. I asked the teacher, "One lie? Can the whole thing be a lie?" And she basically said, "whatever," so I'm having a bit of fun with this one. I'll post it to my fiction blog for comments and harsh criticisms when I'm done with it.

I think the Astronomy class will be the easiest of the four. It's just an Intro class, so there really isn't a whole lot of work. Just the labs, which will be finished in-class, and some short magazine article reviews, for lack of a better term.

I'm not sure which class I'm going to enjoy the most yet. The News Writing one should be interesting, and, as I wrote before, I think I'm going to be able to handle the Fiction Writing one a lot better than I did all those many years ago.

The Small Group Communication class...that one might be the most trying. We were assigned our groups on Wednesday and I'm sure we'll all get along fine, for the most part. It's just that, okay, one of the guys, he's pretty gung-ho about this stupid war we're fighting, so that could lead to some...conversations. And the other guy, he has "no respect for" gay people. I believe he mentioned something about gays being an insult to God or some crap like that, so he annoys me solely on principle. I wanted to ask him, "Have you ever even met a gay person? Why does something that doesn't affect you whatsoever bother you so much?" But I didn't. I guess I can save that for one of our out-of-class get-togethers. I'm sure I'll get along just fine with the two girls in the group, however. They don't seem to be as close-minded (yes, I see the irony of that statement because I'm pretty close-minded about certain things, too, like, you know, prejudice and pointless wars), just young and maybe a little naive.

Anyway, we'll see how it goes. Gotta clear off the table for dinner tonight. My sister and her family are coming over. And then there's a Steelers preseason game on ESPN. And I have the new issue of Wired to read.

Remind me to mention later the new CDs I picked up this week, and the book I finished reading yesterday, The Everlasting, which I really enjoyed, though much of it unnerved me in its familiarity.


Angelkris said...

SO, these girls in your group...they may be young and naive, but are they date-able? Hee Hee

raptorpack said...

? looking for a date, angel? Or are you hoping that they are not dateable so you might have babysitter? :)

Angelkris said...

I'm just looking out for 1031.

1031 said...

And don't think I don't appreciate it. Can't say that I'm lookin' to date anyone at the moment, though, least of all a girl who's not old enough to legally drink.

Which doesn't mean I wouldn't do other things with her. Just not, you know, date.