Quick hits

The Heinz Field tour this morning was pretty cool. It's a beautiful stadium. I can only imagine how loud it must be on game day.

And despite the final score (Cardinals 1, Pirates 7), the Cardinals/Pirates game tonight was really fun. I saw Albert Pujols go 4 for 4 with 3 doubles for St. Louis and Zach Duke pitch an 8-hit, 1-run complete game for Pittsburgh.

Plus I finally got to meet my cousin's wife (she seems very nice).

So it was a good day all around. Some pictures are up at my Flickr site. (I really need to upgrade to a pay account so I can upload more pictures per month.)

Enjoy. G'nite.

::EDIT 8/12/06::

Incidentally, I got an "A" in my Magazine Article Writing class and a "B" in my Native American Lit class.

Fall classes start on the 21st.


Angelkris said...

Whoa- congrats on the stellar grades. You be so smart.

raptorpack said...

holy crap those are a lot of pics. When I saw the score board up close the first thing that popped out at me was the McD's sign. Yeah, they have McD's here but do have any idea how long and far it would take me to get to one...I would kill for a burger right now...