Beta Blogger 2

I tell ya, there is nothin' like procrastination.

I've redone all my blogs as new Blogger Beta versions, so things are a wee bit different. Comments will no longer pop up in a new window, nor will links in the sidebar, but links in the posts themselves will still open new windows.

And it seems that I can no longer post comments on any blogs if they're not switched over to the new Beta version (which, despite my earlier concerns, is pretty easy to do). So I'm still readin' the blogs, those of you who still seem to actually put up new posts. Just can't comment until you switch.

And I'd like to take a moment to wish a happy 3rd birthday to my niece, Emma, even though she won't be reading this blog for quite some time. Her party is this afternoon if anyone wishes to crash.

Also, today is my parent's...39th(?) wedding anniversary. Yeah, 39 sounds about right. So here's to them as well. It's been nearly four decades and they haven't killed each other yet. Happy Anniversary!

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Anonymous said...

I moved, or rather upgraded, to Beta this morning after noticing the format change in your blogs. Looks good, so fresh and so clean! And I was wondering why I couldn't comment on your blog the last few days. Now I can, you can't get rid of me...
Beta Blogger is easy to switch to and it's so organized and beautiful. <-- that is an endorsement for beta blogger. I expect a check in the mail from beta.blogger.com. Um, I'm also available for commercials and magazine ads.