If you like really good, old fashioned film noir murder mysteries, then you'd definitely enjoy Brick. Set in a present-day high school, all the characters speak as if they just walked out of a Raymond Chandler novel. It takes a few minutes for your ears to get used to the way they talk and to decipher their lingo, but once you do you'll be sucked into the brutal world of high school drug dealing and broken hearted tough guys.

I'll admit, it's a little silly at first, hearing such hard boiled dialogue come out of what are supposed to be high school students, but the actors sell it really well. It almost makes you wish you talked like them back when you were that age.

Dames in distress, dangerous femme fatales, a brooding hero and Richard Roundtree (SHAFT!) as the vice principal. What more could you ask for?

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Scott said...

Great movie! Writer, Director Rian Johnson has just put up the shooting script and an illustrated novella. Check it out.