Exercise...4? (I've lost count)

Been meaning to post this for a little while, but I keep forgetting about it. Here is my fourth short piece for my creative writing class.

This assignment was to take one of our previous stories and rewrite it from a different point of view. I chose the one about the magician and I think this version works much better, though it was only supposed to be three pages and I wrote too much, so I had to edit it down some.

Fortunately, the next assignment is to again take one of the previous stories and create a longer story from it, to rewrite and expand, basically. So I'm going to put back in the bits that I took from this magician story and rework it a little, get it up to six pages, give or take.

So the new story that's on the Fiction page is the short version. I'll have the long version finished by Tuesday (I hope).


The Writer said...

That was a well writen piece. It felt a bit rushed at the end, but I could have read pages and pages more. By the way... you look like a serial killer in that flickr picture. Smile! You can write! And write damn well.


1031 said...

Thanks, man. I appreciate it. And yeah, the end was pretty rushed. I had a lot more written, but had to get in under the page count.

I was working on the extended version today and somehow it became a different story. Or, a story with a different...point? Purpose? I dunno. You'll let me know after I post it.