One down, 15 to go

Last night's game turned out pretty good in the end (for Steelers fans, anyway), despite some underwhelming play by both teams during the first quarter and a half.

Filling in for Big Ben, Charlie Batch stepped up big time and made some great decisions and some great passes, including three for touchdowns, tying his career high, Heath Miller had over 100 yards receiving and Willie Parker had over 100 rushing, and the Steelers defense was its usual dominant self, closing out the game with back-to-back picks by Troy "the Hair" Polamalu and Joey "the Mouth" Porter, who returned his for a touchdown (and also recorded two sacks).

You can't judge an entire season based on just one game, but the Steelers looked good for the most part. Will they be able to keep it up all season? Who knows? But I like what I see so far.

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Anonymous said...

What the hell are you talking about? You Americans and your weird colloquisms. Big Ben? Steelers? Touchdown? The Hair? Are these Transformers? Shesh.

By the way, the Rebels lost out to the Cats in the G.A.A. hurling clash. Lost by a poc. Gutted.

The Writer/write2wrong.blogspot