Pride of Baghdad

In April 2003 four lions escaped from the Baghdad Zoo during the American invasion of Iraq. Using this premise as a starting point, Brian K. Vaughan wrote a haunting and heartbreaking story about the horrors of war. Beautifully illustrated by Niko Henrichon, Pride of Baghdad is not anti-war, nor is it pro-war. It merely portrays the consequences of war, without bias and without judgement, seen through the eyes of those four escaped lions and a host of other animals who, unwittingly caught up in Man's affairs, struggle to survive amidst the rockets' red glare and the bombs bursting in air.

In telling this story with Disney-esque talking animals instead of people Vaughan is able to strip away the politics and the rhetoric. Lions, after all, don't care who is fighting who, or why; they just want to know where they can find dinner. Using animals, Vaughan has created one of the most honest and, ironically, most human stories written about the war still raging in Iraq.

I recommend this book to everyone. Buy it from Amazon, buy it from your local comic shop, borrow it from a friend, do whatever you have to do (note: I am not advocating theft) to read this story. It's that good.

Click here for a 10-page preview if my glowing praise is not enough to sway you.

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Anonymous said...

That sounds like a brilliant concept. What a sad truth though, that inspired it. Baghdad was a city like any other, and this simple fact that a zoo with animals for people to faze and wonder at shows that. God damn you George Bush.

Everyday I wish Al Gore fought for his presidency. The world would be a different place now. No doubt.

-The Writer